September 27, 2007

Daddy, Here I Come (Personal)

I can't imagine how you feel when you see your wife in the dark room & taking her ultrasound to ensure our first baby is healthy. Because a month ago, her OB advised her to take a vacation leave to avoid for a "threatened abortion", we took strict precautions & medication to avoid this possibility. Some are saying that we were overreacting; but what's wrong with the prevention than curing, in fact nothing will lose but in other way, your baby will suffer.
In the first video, it was taken on her 1st month, I'm so glad that the baby is healthy and in fact she's jumping with joy, we thought she's making some funny moves. I & Thesa took so much precaution to take care of our first baby.

Seven months later, we took her second 4D ultrasound. We were very excited what will be its gender then; some says it's a boy and some guess it would be a girl. And these speculations have come to end when our doctor said; it's a baby "Girl". I can't explain the emotion we feel when we first saw our baby. We now so sure that our first baby is healthy as what we expected. And also ready to see her & welcome her in the outside world. Just take a look how she gave a "flying kiss" and says . . . Daddy, Mommy here I come. 10.17.07


marieyah said...

Congratulations! :)

Anonymous said...

she looks pretty, like her mom (excuse me po!)

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Gina said...

ang galing ng technology no?...congratulations to your coming baby..