February 3, 2007

Prepare your Weds !

The wedding day may be the crucial day of your life. We must imagine somehow that it is the only day of your life, which a whole new life waiting for you once this event is over! Pinoy’s saying “Ang pag-aasawa ay hindi parang kaning isusubo’t iluluwa kapag napaso.” (Marriage is not like hot rice that you can put into your mouth and just spew out should it hurt your tongue.).We must be well prepared in all aspect & emotionally equipped for this kind of commitment.

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“Pinoy Customs ” Very traditional parents may ask their son to present a family heirloom as a present to his fiancé, possibly in lieu of the engagement ring. In such a case it is usually more meaningful to give it during the “pamanhikan”, as it also symbolizes the family’s acceptance of the girl.

Organizing for a wedding is usually a challenging one, especially for the bride-to-be who is customary the protagonist of it all. Some are preferred a simple ceremony for their wedding; some even hires ‘Wedding Planner ‘or Coordinator to do the presentation in their behalf. The impact of the solemn and well organized ceremony may correlate with the harmonious & prosperous future life that they might have in the next chapter of their lives .

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