February 4, 2007

What if your fiancé isn’t the one?

During the pamanhikan, the engaged couple may discuss their tentative wedding plans with their parents.

The rest of your days as an engaged couple will be spent planning for your wedding and making preparations for married life – working on your savings, deciding where to live, going to premarital counseling. This will be a time of bonding between you and your ‘Fiancé’ as you take on your biggest project together. You will get to know each other that may or may not be pleasing to you.

Because of this, some couples actually discover during the engagement period that they are not meant to be together after all! Should this happen to you, here are some pieces of advise:

· Keep your composure.It is actually a blessing that you made this realization before it’s too late.

-Be polite. Avoid exchanging harsh words.
· If you decide to call off the engagement, return the engagement ring. If he calls it off, he has the option to either let you keep it or ask to have it back.
· Announce that the wedding will no longer take place, if the engagement has been announced and published.
· Keep your chin up, smile and move!

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